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I’m new to WordPress, so this place will probably look a little messy for a couple weeks while I sort out how to use it. I used to design websites using Dreamweaver (more than seven years ago, too), but I was told this is easier and more intuitive. I’m not seeing it yet. 😉

This will be where my new official blog will be hosted. I’m not going to tear down the old blogger one, but my last posting there will direct people looking for M.M. Perry to this site, which hopefully will end up looking a little spiffier and allow me to do a few more things than I could do with blogger.

One of the things I’m looking forward to doing is some great giveaways. I have tons of extra content for books I’ve already written, as well as giving away some of my books for free. Specifically, I’m going to be giving away the first book in the Of God & Mortals trilogy, Whom the Gods Love to anyone who would like to sign up for a mailing list. The mailing list will include exclusive giveaways and content, as well as announcements for upcoming new releases.

Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to releasing another book very soon. Hopefully in January, if I can swing it. Keep an eye on this space!

P.S. if by some miracle you’ve found this site before I hooked up my mailing list and want to be included, drop me a line at I’ll make sure you’re added and you get your free book! And maybe a little extra bonus content as well!

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