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This is a crossposting from my blogger page. From now on all blog posts will be here.

Hey folks. Very soon I’ll be moving the blog to a new site. I bought the domain, to have more flexibility with what I can do. Nothing wrong with blogger, at least I don’t mind it too much, but I wanted to have a landing page for people interested in my books as well as a blog. It’s off to WordPress I go. So check out that site from now on. This will be the second to last post here. The last will just be a short, “I’m here now!” type thing.

A few things I’ll talk about in the upcoming weeks on my new blog:

I’ll be giving you the skinny on how my foray into fiver went (about as well as you’d expect for $5) and my testing of some email services. I’m still trying to find a good way to automate a mailing list and book giveaways. MailChimp is neat, but it uses what my friends and I used to call “mystery meat” design. Meaning, it has all this functionality, but they hide it behind random symbols and words that mean nothing. You might remember websites like these, where all the links to different pages were just different colored buttons, or unusual phrases for common things, you know, back before Contact and Home became pretty standard lingo for web design. It has a lot of flexibility for design of emails, but it gets a D for intuitiveness.

I’m also considering doing a series on trying out some different services for making my first physical paperback, including buying a template to use and working with Amazon’s beta paperback creator. The Cover Creator is nifty and easy to use, but less nifty is thinking it looks right only to have Amazon return your manuscript to you with errors, i.e. your cover has text in a bleed area when your preview surely didn’t. I love the tool, but it’s beta, so a lot of gripes I may have about it can be countered with that argument.

Finally, I have my novella, Dream Merchant, ready for final edit. It’ll probably be released this week. That’s my sample cover up there. I’m still sculpting it into shape, but that’s what I’m starting with. I want to get that one up, because it’s my first published Sci Fi. I’m going to make this one very cheap, hopefully free, because I want people to have a feel for my Sci Fi writing. It’s so, so important to me that people who read my stuff enjoy it. Since enjoyment of entertainment is subjective, I want people to get an idea of how I write before they decide to pay for it. So, this one is on me. Then, hopefully before February ends, you’ll have access to the first book in a series I’ve been working on. I’ve started on the third book in that series already; the first two need editing. I’ve also finished up a standalone Fantasy book which will be edited soon as well. So you should start seeing a lot of new material from me dropping in the first half of this year.

If you’re interested in being on the M.M. Perry Readers Newsletter list, where I’ll be giving away free copies of books, preview copies of things I’m getting ready to publish, and updates about when things will become available, just fire off an email to with the subject, Nachos. I’ll add you to the list. You don’t even have to put anything in the body of the email.

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