The 13! Now available!

You can now pick up a copy of The 13 in print or as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Almost seven hundred years ago, 14 ships launched from Earth. 13 were packed with families and embryos and given a mission. They were pointed in the direction of a new home – a distant solar system made up of two suns and three planets. Two of those planets orbited in the habitable zone. The third planet, a massive gas giant, easily twice the size of Jupiter, hovered on the outer rim of that solar system. The colony ships were to land on whichever of the two planets was most hospitable for human life and start society anew.

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The Final Stretch!

I’m finally coming into the final stretch for release of The 13. Members of my newsletter have already been given the first two chapters. You can get those free chapters here if you’re interested in The 13. This will sign you up for my newsletter as well, giving you the chance to get all this stuff first!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks as I’ve been sending out advance review copies and getting all my ducks in a row. I’m aiming for a May 2nd release. I want to give some time to my team to make sure all their feedback gets incorporated into the final release. I still have a few slots open, so if you’d like to be a member of the M.M. Perry Advance Review Team (ART), send me an email at

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