The 13! Now available!

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You can now pick up a copy of The 13 in print or as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Almost seven hundred years ago, 14 ships launched from Earth. 13 were packed with families and embryos and given a mission. They were pointed in the direction of a new home – a distant solar system made up of two suns and three planets. Two of those planets orbited in the habitable zone. The third planet, a massive gas giant, easily twice the size of Jupiter, hovered on the outer rim of that solar system. The colony ships were to land on whichever of the two planets was most hospitable for human life and start society anew.

Over the course of centuries, the carefully planned, generational societies began to break down, some because their ships began to malfunction and they had to change to survive, others because factions within the ship had their own ideas of what entailed a successful mission. As the years went by, the once communicative ships grew isolated and further diverged from their mission. Societies began to evolve on the ships that were far different from how they started out, and from each other.

As the fleet closes in on Mission’s End, one ship, the Tereshkova, has gone dark. Naomi, an engineer from the Tereshkova’s sister ship, the Magellan, hasn’t heard from her friend Carrie in more than a week. As she stares across the void toward the seemingly peaceful Tereshkova, she can only imagine the worst has happened. Perhaps even more dire than whatever befell the Tereshkova is the fate awaiting the Magellan if Naomi can’t secure the part she needs for the essential repairs of her own ship.

Naomi knows time is running short for the Magellan. Someone is going to need to go to the Tereshkova and find out what happened.

Get your copy of The 13 today, and find out why the Tereshkova is silent. The 13 is theĀ first in a new science fiction series, Mission’s End! The next in the series, The 12, is already in the process of being edited. I hope you enjoy it!

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