New cover for Whom the Gods Love

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As those of you who are fans of my Facebook page or members of my newsletter already know, I commissioned a new cover for Whom the Gods Love. The old cover was one I made myself, but it wasn’t really turning any heads. It was functional, but that’s about it. I used 99Designs to see what professional designers could come up with to make my cover stand out in the crowd. I invited some of you to vote on the designs to see which one was the most inviting. This cover was the winner.

In writing news, I’m currently digging up content from The Arbiter that was cut from a previous version. While I don’t think it’s a full-length novel’s worth of story, it definitely  merits a novella. The story is about Molly, Drystan’s adoptive mother. In The Arbiter, we know Molly is a mage, and that she grew up in the civilized lands. What we don’t know is how she ended up in the Untamed. Molly’s story is from the point of view of a citizen of the civilized lands who discovers she’s a mage. Originally, The Arbiter included a synopsis of Molly’s life in the city. My editor suggested that, while the story was interesting, it interrupted the flow of Drystan’s tale of redemption. I saved what I cut with the intention of making a short story of it at some point. But now, since several of the reviewers of The Arbiter have requested it, I’m going to finish that off as a novella or possibly even a short novel. Additionally, I’m considering picking back up my work on The Noble, which was a second book in the same world as The Arbiter, only it followed the life of a noble. Characters from The Arbiter will appear in The Noble, and the events of The Arbiter spur the momentum of The Noble’s story line as the world around the protagonist begins to crumble. Fear grips the city in which he lives as mages begin turning against their masters, and rumors of an army of mages lead by an Arbiter reach them.

I’ll let you know when I begin working on that book in earnest. Currently, I have two books, The 12 and Charmed Legacy, that are completed and in the process of being edited, so those will come first.

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