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I know I haven’t been making blog posts lately. I’ve been busy editing my book and making it perfect. I’m in the home stretch now, doing my final edits. I’m excited to say I have the first two chapters ready for everyone to read! You can head on over here and pick those up right now if you like. All you need to do to get them is sign up for my newsletter. You never have to worry about spam from my newsletter. I only send out announcements of my new books. I don’t send you weekly requests to buy my stuff, or share your email with anyone else. So if you are okay with six or seven emails a year from me, then sign up!

If you’re already signed up, you should’ve gotten a link to the chapters in the newsletter earlier today. If you didn’t get that, you can email me at and I’ll make sure you get your copy of the preview.

You could also get your copy of the preview if you signed up to be a member of The 12 Advance Review Team. Let me tell you a little about what the team is expected to do.

In a few weeks (fingers crossed) you would get a copy of the book. What you’re getting is the 95% completed work. That means it’s been sent to an editor, proofread no less than five times (unlike my blog entries 😉 ), and formatted just like the ebook will be on launch, except for a few places where it will be noted that you have an advance review copy. What you get should be a relatively error free copy of the text.

What does relatively error free mean, you ask? Well, for instance, the first book in the series, The 13, is roughly 85,000 words. In paperback length, this is close to three hundred fifty pages of a standard 6×9 print.

ART members did find some errors. Most members found the same twenty or so errors in the book. One member who is a teacher and probably more used to searching for typos and the like found closer to thirty-five. Most of these errors were comma placements. There were only about a dozen or so misspellings – mainly these were homophones that spellcheckers have trouble identifying. In 85,ooo words, that’s a pretty good average.

This is a lot of detail and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you. I’m telling you because I know from both readers and what authors have told me, Advance Review Copies can vary wildly when it comes to completion. Sometimes you’ll get something that hasn’t gone through an editor, or through a vigorous proofing. Sometimes authors give you something called an Alpha or Beta version, and some of these can be really early versions of a work. A lot of readers enjoy being a part of that. I’m just telling you what I’m giving you so you understand what you’re getting into being a part of my Advance Review Team.

What will be expected of you if you are part of the ART?

You’ll get the book roughly four weeks before I plan to publish. What I’d like for you to do is read it in that time and get back to me with comments. You don’t have to be great with grammar to be on the team. I’m also looking for feedback on the story. Did you like it? Did it make sense? Were you confused at any point?

Sometimes what I’m looking for is more broad. I want to know if I’ve missed a plot point or if something isn’t explained well enough. So even if all you have to say is, “It’s great, but I don’t get…” then that’s something valuable to me.

I keep my team small so that I can interact with you better. The members of my team are like a focus group, helping me figure out if I’m going in the right direction.

Once I’ve taken all the suggested changes and integrated them, I publish the book. Members of the team are then invited to leave their honest feedback as a review. Leaving reviews is not required to be on the team, though they are much appreciated. Reviews are essential to success, especially for independent authors.

Finally, after the book is published, I award prizes to the review team for helping me out. For The 13, three members of the team received $10 gift cards to Amazon. For The 12, I’m adding physical copies of my books to the list of possible prizes – signed if that’s your preference.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, join the team! I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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