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It’s really easy to do. Just go here: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/m-m-perry and click on follow.

I get it some people don’t want to give out their email because they just don’t want another newsletter, no matter how infrequent they are. Following an author on Bookbub means you don’t have to share your email with me, but you still get many of the benefits of my newsletter. For instance, Bookbub will let you know if a book I’ve written is on sale through them. They’ll also alert you if I have a new title out. It’s a convenient way to get new book alerts if you already have a Bookbub account. It’s nice for me as well, because Bookbub is an efficient way for me to alert people of my new books. It will link out to all the places I sell them from one spot.

Maybe some of you don’t know what Bookbub is. When it comes to finding deeply discounted or free titles, Bookbub is the cream of the crop. All the authors I’ve ever talked to want to get their books in Bookbub for discounts. But Bookbub is very choosy and doesn’t let just anyone advertise with them. Because of that, readers trust them to bring them good books every day. They also let you pick which types of books you want to see, so it makes it really easy to customize your daily mail from them. And, unlike most other discount book lists, Bookbub gets a lot of traditionally published authors advertising with them as well. I don’t subscribe to many of those booklists because it gets a little overwhelming, but I keep Bookbub.

My dad, who only really reads non-fiction these days, used to gripe a lot because it’s hard to find good non-fiction discounted. He uses Bookbub now and hasn’t gone without something to read in a long time. I mention this because a lot of lists don’t have non-fiction. From my time as a librarian and working in a bookstore, I know non-fiction readers are many and are just as eager to find a good deal as fiction readers.

Full disclosure, I haven’t been paid to say any of this. I just really like Bookbub. This is a genuine endorsement of the service from one fan to you. If you’re a heavy reader, you’re probably already subscribed. But for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, I just thought I’d pass along this info about it.

Side note: The beauties in the picture there are Posy the pug and Winky the cat. I also have another cat named Basil, but he’s off chasing a moth somewhere in the yard. I do have some photos of him lounging, because he’s a cat so that’s what he does a lot of, but he’s just over a year old and is still rather rambunctious. I’ll share some more pictures of him later. My plan is to have a lot more conversational type posts that are just fun. It’s easy for me to put those out without taking a lot of time away from writing. And they are a nice way to take a break.

My next planned post will come out this week and will be more informational. I’m going to be posting my rave review of Vellum 1.0, now with paperback creation. I’ll include lots of screenshots and some pictures of the end product to help people decide if the purchase or upgrade is worth it. (spoiler, I think it is.)

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