The 12 releases September 6th!

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Just a quick note to say we’re on track for releasing The 12 on September 6th. I’m already starting to get comments back from ARC readers and everything looks pretty great so far! I’m super excited to bring you the next book!

In other news, you’ll start seeing more of my books on other outlets, like B&N, this weekend. This is a bit of a trial run for me. I’ve had most of my stuff exclusively on Amazon for a while now, in part because exclusivity is required to be a part of the Amazon Select program. For those who don’t know, the Amazon Select program is the subscription service where readers can read all they want from a pool of books.

I like the program, and a decent portion of my royalties come from it, but I’ve had many requests from B&N readers to give them a crack at my other books. The B&N crowd has been very welcoming and warm, as shown in their outpouring of positive reviews. 🙂 So, this weekend, you should be able to find Whom the Gods Hate on B&N, and Whom the Gods Fear following shortly after that. If these books sell well, I’ll be adding The Arbiter and The 13, too.

What’s coming next?

I’ll be updating my Vellum post soon with a video of my process from Word to ebook and print. And, next week I’ll be chatting about my inspirations for The 13 and the Mission’s End series.

Here is Posy, doing her thing! She hops up on my lap as soon as I park. That’s how excited she is to go for a walk!

Here’s Posy, doing what she does best. Being cute.

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