The Magic of Stranger Things

There’s a moment in Stranger Things, Netflix’s brilliant, creepy, nostalgic gem of a show, where I knew it was going to be one of my favorite things ever – something so wonderful that I’d be able to watch it time and time again without feeling bored. No, it wasn’t the title sequence, a thing so immediately recognizable as 80s that I dubbed it the most 80s thing ever as soon as I saw it. No, it wasn’t the music, which was undeniably awesome and synthy and made me want to buy the score before it was even available. It was a sheet. Yes. The sheet in this picture. Continue reading “The Magic of Stranger Things”

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Indie Reviews – Beneath the Silver Rose

This is part of my Indie Book Review series. For more information about this series and what my background is, go here to the first indie book review. Indie Reviews are tagged as such on my blog. Without further ado, here is my review of Beneath the Silver Rose!

Beneath the Silver Rose – Book 1 of the Shadyia Ascendant series

  • Genres – Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Epic Fantasy
  • Contains strong language and explicit sexual scenes

Beneath the Silver Rose is a strong start to what promises to be an exciting series full of mystery and action. Shadyia is a courtesan, but she’s not just any courtesan. She’s feisty, loyal and tough. The book opens with a terrible choice for Shadyia, either she allows a noble to humiliate and beat her as a petty revenge toward a rival noble who enjoys Shadyia’s company, or she strikes him down and endangers the lives of all the sisters she lives and works with. What she chooses to do in this moment will have lasting repercussions throughout the entire first novel in the series, repercussions that effect not only those who work in the Silver Rose, Shadyia’s place of employment, but also other players in a far more deadly game for power.

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Looking for Inspiration in All the Wrong Places

When I was getting close to releasing The 13, one of my readers asked what inspired that story. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the names of the ships – the Nimoy is a favorite – and where the idea came from. The answer is a lot of places.

When I went to college, I thought I was going to be a doctor. I took all the classes: the five credit hour chemistry that met every day of the week including a three-hour lab slot, the biology course in the giant lecture hall where I personally believe they were doing something meta and trying to make you feel like an insignificant individual cell in a giant living organism, the calculus courses – because we all know that there’s a lot of calculus involved in determining an illness ;). I did all of it for a year before I had to stop and take stock of what I really wanted. Continue reading “Looking for Inspiration in All the Wrong Places”

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The 12 releases September 6th!

Just a quick note to say we’re on track for releasing The 12 on September 6th. I’m already starting to get comments back from ARC readers and everything looks pretty great so far! I’m super excited to bring you the next book!

In other news, you’ll start seeing more of my books on other outlets, like B&N, this weekend. This is a bit of a trial run for me. I’ve had most of my stuff exclusively on Amazon for a while now, in part because exclusivity is required to be a part of the Amazon Select program. For those who don’t know, Continue reading “The 12 releases September 6th!”

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Vellum Press Review

Hello all! This post is for those who are interested in the publishing process – maybe because you’re curious, maybe because you’re looking to publish. Either way, I hope it’s informative. The next post will be back to stuff about my books. Happy reading!

Vellum. For those independent authors out there, you’ve probably heard about this software. Maybe you even own it, but aren’t sure if the upgrade is something you need or even want. I’m going to take you through some of the benefits of the software and my reasoning for my own upgrade. Continue reading “Vellum Press Review”

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Have you followed me on Bookbub yet?

It’s really easy to do. Just go here: and click on follow.

I get it some people don’t want to give out their email because they just don’t want another newsletter, no matter how infrequent they are. Following an author on Bookbub means you don’t have to share your email with me, but you still get many of the benefits of my newsletter. For instance, Bookbub will let you know if a book I’ve written is on sale through them. They’ll also alert you if I have a new title out. It’s a convenient way to get new book alerts if you already have a Bookbub account. It’s nice for me as well, because Bookbub is an efficient way for me to alert people of my new books. It will link out to all the places I sell them from one spot. Continue reading “Have you followed me on Bookbub yet?”

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Preview The 12!

I know I haven’t been making blog posts lately. I’ve been busy editing my book and making it perfect. I’m in the home stretch now, doing my final edits. I’m excited to say I have the first two chapters ready for everyone to read! You can head on over here and pick those up right now if you like. All you need to do to get them is sign up for my newsletter. You never have to worry about spam from my newsletter. I only send out announcements of my new books. I don’t send you weekly requests to buy my stuff, or share your email with anyone else. So if you are okay with six or seven emails a year from me, then sign up!

If you’re already signed up, you should’ve gotten a link to the chapters in the newsletter earlier today. If you didn’t get that, you can email me at and I’ll make sure you get your copy of the preview.

You could also get your copy of the preview if you signed up to be a member of The 12 Advance Review Team. Let me tell you a little about what the team is expected to do. Continue reading “Preview The 12!”

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Indie Book Reviews : The Wave at Hanging Rock

In one of my Facebook groups, another author said he was doing a year of indie books. He was going to read only indie books for a whole year – at least that was my understanding of what he was doing. I liked the idea so much, I decided to run with it in my own way. I’m going to start up a series on my blog where I review independently published books that I think are just as good as any traditionally published book. You might wonder what my qualifications are to make such a distinction. In many ways, they are the same as yours. I don’t really think it takes someone with a degree or a career in critiquing books to determine if an independently published book is as good as a traditionally published one. Unless you live your life only by doing things others tell you to, you have your own ideas about quality entertainment. But it might help you to know my background if you’re trying to decide if my opinions have some value to you. 🙂
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New cover for Whom the Gods Love

As those of you who are fans of my Facebook page or members of my newsletter already know, I commissioned a new cover for Whom the Gods Love. The old cover was one I made myself, but it wasn’t really turning any heads. It was functional, but that’s about it. I used 99Designs to see what professional designers could come up with to make my cover stand out in the crowd. I invited some of you to vote on the designs to see which one was the most inviting. This cover was the winner.

In writing news, I’m currently digging up content from The Arbiter that was cut from a previous version. While I don’t think it’s a full-length novel’s worth of story, it definitely  merits a novella. The story is about Molly, Drystan’s adoptive mother. In The Arbiter, we know Molly is a mage, and that she grew up in the civilized lands. Continue reading “New cover for Whom the Gods Love”

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The 13! Now available!

You can now pick up a copy of The 13 in print or as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Almost seven hundred years ago, 14 ships launched from Earth. 13 were packed with families and embryos and given a mission. They were pointed in the direction of a new home – a distant solar system made up of two suns and three planets. Two of those planets orbited in the habitable zone. The third planet, a massive gas giant, easily twice the size of Jupiter, hovered on the outer rim of that solar system. The colony ships were to land on whichever of the two planets was most hospitable for human life and start society anew.

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