Indie Book Reviews : The Wave at Hanging Rock

In one of my Facebook groups, another author said he was doing a year of indie books. He was going to read only indie books for a whole year – at least that was my understanding of what he was doing. I liked the idea so much, I decided to run with it in my own way. I’m going to start up a series on my blog where I review independently published books that I think are just as good as any traditionally published book. You might wonder what my qualifications are to make such a distinction. In many ways, they are the same as yours. I don’t really think it takes someone with a degree or a career in critiquing books to determine if an independently published book is as good as a traditionally published one. Unless you live your life only by doing things others tell you to, you have your own ideas about quality entertainment. But it might help you to know my background if you’re trying to decide if my opinions have some value to you. 🙂
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New cover for Whom the Gods Love

As those of you who are fans of my Facebook page or members of my newsletter already know, I commissioned a new cover for Whom the Gods Love. The old cover was one I made myself, but it wasn’t really turning any heads. It was functional, but that’s about it. I used 99Designs to see what professional designers could come up with to make my cover stand out in the crowd. I invited some of you to vote on the designs to see which one was the most inviting. This cover was the winner.

In writing news, I’m currently digging up content from The Arbiter that was cut from a previous version. While I don’t think it’s a full-length novel’s worth of story, it definitely  merits a novella. The story is about Molly, Drystan’s adoptive mother. In The Arbiter, we know Molly is a mage, and that she grew up in the civilized lands. Continue reading “New cover for Whom the Gods Love”

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The 13! Now available!

You can now pick up a copy of The 13 in print or as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Almost seven hundred years ago, 14 ships launched from Earth. 13 were packed with families and embryos and given a mission. They were pointed in the direction of a new home – a distant solar system made up of two suns and three planets. Two of those planets orbited in the habitable zone. The third planet, a massive gas giant, easily twice the size of Jupiter, hovered on the outer rim of that solar system. The colony ships were to land on whichever of the two planets was most hospitable for human life and start society anew.

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The Final Stretch!

I’m finally coming into the final stretch for release of The 13. Members of my newsletter have already been given the first two chapters. You can get those free chapters here if you’re interested in The 13. This will sign you up for my newsletter as well, giving you the chance to get all this stuff first!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks as I’ve been sending out advance review copies and getting all my ducks in a row. I’m aiming for a May 2nd release. I want to give some time to my team to make sure all their feedback gets incorporated into the final release. I still have a few slots open, so if you’d like to be a member of the M.M. Perry Advance Review Team (ART), send me an email at

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Late at night on a Saturday… and I’m making book covers. :)

The 13 is almost here. I’m so excited about it. For those of you not signed up for my newsletter (go sign up!) The 13 is a science fiction book about thirteen colony ships that were launched from Earth almost 700 years prior to the start of the story. The Magellan is one of the colony ships at the back of the fleet. Communications with their sister ship, the Tereshkova, have gone completely dark. Continue reading “Late at night on a Saturday… and I’m making book covers. :)”

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Get a free book!

Have you read Whom the Gods Love yet? Would you like to? Now is your chance to pick up a copy of Whom the Gods Love for free. All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and wait for your copy in your email.

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Is Fiverr worth your time?

For the next few weeks I’m going to post a little bit on my experiences as an indie author. While this may appeal more to writers trying to find their footing as an indie author, it might be of interest to readers as well. My blog will typically be a mix of things that currently interest me – for instance on my old blog my most popular post by far was the one on the Poodle moth – updates on my writing, the occasional sample of a new book and finally, informational postings about my progress as an indie author.

I’ve never been good at mystique. I was never the mysterious one that everyone had to work to get to know. I’m more like the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. I’ll be pretty up front in these things about my failures and temporary setbacks. So here’s your look behind the curtain. I know this isn’t much of a reveal because this curtain is like one of those clear shower curtains. But here we go anyway. Continue reading “Is Fiverr worth your time?”

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The Dream Merchant Now Available!

The Dream Merchant is now available to buy on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. However, if you are interested in signing up for the M.M. Perry Readers Newsletter, you’ll get this book free! Go here if you’d like The Dream Merchant free.

If Fantasy is more your thing, then I’m also offering the first book in the Of Gods & Mortals trilogy, Whom the Gods Love, free! The trilogy is complete, so if you love the first book, there’s no wait to finish the whole thing!

Interested? Go here to fill in your name & email – I don’t need anything else – and you should have your copies within 36 hours of signing up.

If you need more convincing, besides the free books, you’ll get updates on release dates, exclusive content and more! If you enjoy my books, consider signing up. I’ll never spam or share your email with anyone else. Subscribe with confidence!


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Cross posting announcing this site

This is a crossposting from my blogger page. From now on all blog posts will be here.

Hey folks. Very soon I’ll be moving the blog to a new site. I bought the domain, to have more flexibility with what I can do. Nothing wrong with blogger, at least I don’t mind it too much, but I wanted to have a landing page for people interested in my books as well as a blog. It’s off to WordPress I go. So check out that site from now on. This will be the second to last post here. The last will just be a short, “I’m here now!” type thing.

A few things I’ll talk about in the upcoming weeks on my new blog:

I’ll be giving you the skinny on how my foray into fiver went (about as well as you’d expect for $5) and my testing of some email services. I’m still trying to find a good way to automate a mailing list and book giveaways. MailChimp is neat, but it uses what my friends and I used to call “mystery meat” design. Meaning, it has all this functionality, but they hide it behind random symbols and words that mean nothing. You might remember websites like these, where all the links to different pages were just different colored buttons, or unusual phrases for common things, you know, back before Contact and Home became pretty standard lingo for web design. It has a lot of flexibility for design of emails, but it gets a D for intuitiveness. Continue reading “Cross posting announcing this site”

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