Chain of Deceit

Chain of Deceit is a novella set in the world of Mission’s End. It is best read after finishing The 12. Members of my newsletter have exclusive access to Mission’s End. Click below to sign up to join my newsletter and get your copy of Chain of Deceit free! To read more about Chain of Deceit, scroll down.

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Chain of Deceit

The battle for the Bell has been raging for years. Men and women have been lost on both sides. A stalemate seems inevitable. Admiral Bruce will never outlive the shame of losing so many to capture so little.

Bruce’s only hope to scrub clean his stained legacy is to put someone in charge who will do the right thing. He’s willing to sacrifice everything to make sure that happens – even his own son’s safety. He knows pushing his son into the job will be dangerous. It won’t be easy. But there’s no one else he can trust with the future of the Warrior Fleet.

The only problem is his son, Mike, doesn’t want the job and there’s a knife on the ship with Bruce’s name on it. Bruce has precious little time to convince Mike to take the helm. He must save the fleet before the knife finds its mark.

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