Enchanted Legacy

Enchanted Legacy is a standalone portal fantasy. It’s available for pre-order at most major retailers for a limited time at the sale price of $0.99. Grab your copy early and save! Releases 3/6/18!

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Enchanted Legacy

She inherited a quest. She forged a legacy.

Fiona was heartbroken when her Gran died. Left with only a house and a mysterious letter, she had no clue what her true inheritance was – until she found herself at the bottom of a loch, between worlds.

The world she finds is straight out of myth. Characters Fiona had only ever read about lived and breathed in the magical world she was transported to. Unfortunately, the heroes weren’t alone. Villains thrived alongside them.

Her grandmother’s dying wish was that Fiona fulfill a long abandoned duty. Fiona must find the strength within her to help save those threatened by darkness. With her new friends, the unwavering faith of the handsome fairy, Puck, and the gifts of the divines, Fiona will do her best to save the day. She’ll need to work fast. Her enemies want her dead.

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