Fearsome Creatures and Tempestuous Gods

Fearsome Creatures & Tempestuous Gods is a companion encyclopedia for the Of Gods & Mortals trilogy. It’s available exclusively for members of my list and you can get your copy by signing up. Just click the button below and your copy will be emailed out to you!

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Fearsome Creatures and Tempestuous Gods

Available exclusively to members of my newsletter, Fearsome Beasts & Tempestuous Gods is an encyclopedia of gods, heroes, places of wonder, creatures and plant life found on Tanavia, the world in which the trilogy takes place.

Find out the history of the djinn, or about the dangerous creatures called crawlers. Read up on the very first heroes to be considered warriors, and get new insight into some of the god’s personal lives and vendettas.

With plenty of fresh material, even for those who have read the complete trilogy, Fearsome Creatures is my thank you to all those who have signed up to my newsletter.

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