The 12

“Once again I have been captivated by Perry’s writing. She has crafted this continuation story wonderfully and finally we can see what has been going on in some of the other ships in the colony convoy.” — 5 star review on Amazon

“I read this in just a few days …. Couldn’t put it down! Fast paced….This is even better than the first!” — 5 star review on Amazon

“…A thrilling tale that you can hardly put down until you are finished with the book. I heartedly recommend this book.” — 5 star review on Amazon

The 12 is the second book in the Mission’s End series. Grab a copy from your favorite retailer today!

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The 12

Mike and Diego grew up closer than brothers. Now they want nothing more than to see each other dead.

Mike is admiral of the Warrior Fleet, a group of ships in the violent grip of the soldier class of citizens. Everyone wants his place. Especially Diego, the man he grew up with, who Mike loved like a brother.

Diego has problems of his own, and he blames Mike for all of them. A broken promise from their youth fuels his rage whenever he thinks of Admiral Mike reclining cockily in his lavish suite aboard the Ericson. Unfortunately for Mike, Diego captains a ship of his own — one filled to the brim with people eager for a change in leadership.

Between them both lies the Xuanzang, a ship limping toward Mission’s End and looking for aid. The Xuanzang’s Naomi Tesla is tasked with choosing one of these volatile men to trust with the lives of her shipmates. If she chooses poorly, there’s no way the crew of the Xuanzang will survive to see the End.

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