The Arbiter

“Wonderful stand alone book that could easily be turned into a series.” — 5 star review on Amazon

“I would recommend this book to every person who is interested in fantasy books. Great story line and character use.” — 5 star review on Amazon

The Arbiter is a standalone title with a prequel, Molly’s Tale, available exclusively to members of my mailing list. You can sign up and get your copy of Molly’s Tale here. To grab a copy of The Arbiter, just click on the button below to be taken to your favorite retailer!

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The Arbiter

Drystan tried to free all mages from their enslavement. Now, he’s the one in trouble.

Waking from a black out with blood on his hands, Drystan knows the worst has happened. He sought powers he thought he could control only to have them twist him into a tool of evil. Marked for death, now he’s hunted by all. His only hope for redemption lies with the Arbiter.

Prue is the Arbiter called to judge Drystan for his crimes. Trained since childhood to be impartial and unemotional, she must ascertain Drystan’s motives and decide his fate. There’s only one problem. The young mage stirs feelings that threaten to consume her.

As Drystan struggles with his growing affection for Prue and his desire to free the mages once and for all, the world around them boils with revolution. If Drystan chooses to follow his heart, he risks losing his last chance at redemption. His time to choose is coming to an end.

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