A standalone horror just in time for the waning summer nights. Get your copy today!

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In summer, the nights may be shorter, but they have bigger teeth.

Casey has spent nearly twenty years tracking down the creatures that have been murdering their way across the upper Midwest. As summer begins to wind down, he’s running out of time to find them before winter takes hold and the things that hunt in the dark sleep out the cold. This year is different, though. They’ve been sloppy, and Casey is closer than he’s been in over a decade.

He’s all set to close in on them – that is, until he meets Max. She’s the resourceful manager of a dingy motel, and Casey’s way into the tiny town hiding a pair of nightmares. She’s the perfect partner for finishing the hunt. The problem with Max is that she’s alive, and the things Casey hunts want her dead.

Casey will need to decide what’s more dangerous – hunting the creatures alone, or having an ally along who he cares about too much. He’ll need to decide soon; if they get away this time, he may never find them again.

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