Whom the Gods Fear

The final book in the Of Gods & Mortals trilogy. Grab your copy today from your favorite retailer!

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Whom the Gods Fear

Cass has her memories back and she’s reunited with Gunnarr and her friends. Just in time for a devastating war waged by the gods.

Cass and Gunnarr have only days to make a plan to help the people of Tanavia avoid utter destruction. The whole team will need to come together to make an impact on a battle to end all battles. But gods hold grudges, and Cass is at the top of their list.

Gunnarr and Cass will cross the world to find the answers they need to change fate, all the while with the gods hot on their heels. Their goal within reach, one god in particular closes in on Cass, ready to strike her down.

In the conclusion of the Of Gods & Mortals trilogy, Cass and Gunnarr are willing to sacrifice all to save their world from the power of the gods. But will it be enough?

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