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A Discussion on Science Fiction – Part 3: When and How to Speculate

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I’ve written a lot about my influences, my background and the types of books I like. But I have only touched a bit on why and how I speculate on the scientific leaps in my books. Today I’m going to write about that. I hope you find it entertaining or informative. Or both! There’s only […]

A Discussion on Science Fiction – Part 1: Hard vs Soft Science fiction

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Science Fiction. Just like with any genre, it comes in many flavors. Some of the more common terms you may have heard include: hard science fiction, soft science fiction, steampunk, space opera, science fantasy, cyberpunk. There are also plenty of other genres that often have a lot in common with science fiction which, for this […]

More sex? I’ll take it!

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In the last post, I talked about how often we encounter sex in books, and why that might be. I promised I’d be back with more sex, and that’s a promise I’m keeping. See, sometimes I am reliable. 😉 One of the interesting things about sex scenes, besides the fact that they’re sex scenes, is […]

The Right Time for Sex

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Here’s an entry guaranteed to get me that sweet, sweet link juice. (That’s a thing, right?) Sex. It’s in the majority of books I’ve read that were written post 1980 where the intended audience is adults. It’s either implied/fade to black sex or as anatomically correct as a surgical dummy. Sex scenes aren’t ubiquitous, but […]

Mining Tales of Old for Worldbuilding

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A few weeks ago someone wrote me to compliment me on my book, Whom the Gods Love. They enjoyed most of it, but one particular scene struck them as odd. If you’ve read the series, you might already have guessed which scene this is. In a story rich with allusions to various mythologies and folktales, […]

From a man’s perspective

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I don’t typically write stories from one character’s perspective, choosing instead to dip in and out of character’s heads when the story demands it. When I started Voro, I began writing it straight away from Casey’s point of view. It wasn’t even a question in my mind as to who was going to tell the […]

From Stephen King to Lovecraft

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Readers of my work probably know by now my love for lore — I spent many of my grad school days studying legends, folk tales, fairy tales and myths. If there really are only a handful of stories, then they were all told before people were writing things down. Some of the greatest stories ever […]

The claustrophobia of one mind

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Starting today, readers signed up to my list will have had a chance to take a look at my newest book, Voro. In a little over a week, it will be available on Amazon for 99¢, so make sure you get your copy. I’ll make a posting when it goes live. The 99¢ sale will […]

New website, new book!

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Alright, alright, alright! You might notice a little change around here. Last January (2017) I had decided I was going to go all in on my writing career. I’d been writing and publishing books for a few years before that, but I hadn’t been doing it full time or investing a lot of money into […]

Review of Voracious Readers Only


Independent authors know how difficult it can be to find readers who will enjoy your books. You can advertise to a thousand people (or more) and only find one person interested in your book. The search for readers who would connect to your work can be frustrating, even at the best of times. I try […]

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