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Peanut Pug

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This is going to be a pretty pug heavy post, so before I get to that, just a few tiny updates. Today, I’m r/fantasy’s Author of the Day. You can check that out here if you want to stop by and say hello. Also, I’m well into the second book of the new fantasy series […]

New website, new book!

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Alright, alright, alright! You might notice a little change around here. Last January (2017) I had decided I was going to go all in on my writing career. I’d been writing and publishing books for a few years before that, but I hadn’t been doing it full time or investing a lot of money into […]

The Magic of Stranger Things

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There’s a moment in Stranger Things, Netflix’s brilliant, creepy, nostalgic gem of a show, where I knew it was going to be one of my favorite things ever – something so wonderful that I’d be able to watch it time and time again without feeling bored. No, it wasn’t the title sequence, a thing so […]

Looking for Inspiration in All the Wrong Places

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When I was getting close to releasing The 13, one of my readers asked what inspired that story. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the names of the ships – the Nimoy is a favorite – and where the idea came from. The answer is a lot of places. When I went to college, […]

Gorgeous feather photographs

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So, just had to swing by my blog and point out this absolutely amazing photography on NatGeo’s website. Check these out. Amazing. That’s really all I had to say.          

First real blog post

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I’m new to WordPress, so this place will probably look a little messy for a couple weeks while I sort out how to use it. I used to design websites using Dreamweaver (more than seven years ago, too), but I was told this is easier and more intuitive. I’m not seeing it yet. 😉 This […]

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