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How I Write Fantasy

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Continuing with the series on writing I started on Science Fiction, I’m going to write about why I enjoy writing fantasy even if I’m not as excited to read it sometimes. I may do a companion piece about how I pick what I pick next. To be decided! While fantasy wasn’t my preferred genre growing […]

An Update and a Preliminary Roadmap

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This is going to be a relatively short post. I’ve been getting some emails from a few folks, and I think everyone deserves to know what’s going on. I did, after all, leave you off with only two books in what will likely be a seven-book series, so I owe the readers this much at […]

A Discussion on Science Fiction – Part 3: When and How to Speculate

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I’ve written a lot about my influences, my background and the types of books I like. But I have only touched a bit on why and how I speculate on the scientific leaps in my books. Today I’m going to write about that. I hope you find it entertaining or informative. Or both! There’s only […]

I Was Born Cancelled, and So Were You

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I’m going to take a break this week from the sci-fi talk, because this is a topic that keeps being in the news and the whole thing keeps circling round and round in my head. The nice thing about being your own boss is that you can take a detour on planned work. So here […]

A Discussion on Science Fiction – Part 2 – How My Writing Style Came to Be

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This is the second in a series of musings on science fiction writing. Here’s the first. As most of my readers know, I publish in a variety of genres. I was an avid reader growing up, and some of my favorite authors were multifaceted in the types of stories they would tell. The models I […]

A Discussion on Science Fiction – Part 1: Hard vs Soft Science fiction

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Science Fiction. Just like with any genre, it comes in many flavors. Some of the more common terms you may have heard include: hard science fiction, soft science fiction, steampunk, space opera, science fantasy, cyberpunk. There are also plenty of other genres that often have a lot in common with science fiction which, for this […]

Time to Come Home

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Hello, intrepid explorers! It’s been a while, I know. I don’t want to make too many excuses, as I’m sure you’ve heard them all from many quarters over the last year. But I will make a brief explanation of my hiatus. A couple years ago I needed to find employment that would secure my health […]

More sex? I’ll take it!

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In the last post, I talked about how often we encounter sex in books, and why that might be. I promised I’d be back with more sex, and that’s a promise I’m keeping. See, sometimes I am reliable. 😉 One of the interesting things about sex scenes, besides the fact that they’re sex scenes, is […]

The Right Time for Sex

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Here’s an entry guaranteed to get me that sweet, sweet link juice. (That’s a thing, right?) Sex. It’s in the majority of books I’ve read that were written post 1980 where the intended audience is adults. It’s either implied/fade to black sex or as anatomically correct as a surgical dummy. Sex scenes aren’t ubiquitous, but […]

Mining Tales of Old for Worldbuilding

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A few weeks ago someone wrote me to compliment me on my book, Whom the Gods Love. They enjoyed most of it, but one particular scene struck them as odd. If you’ve read the series, you might already have guessed which scene this is. In a story rich with allusions to various mythologies and folktales, […]

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