Of Gods & Mortals

“Sometimes you find a book or story where the plot is so engrossing that the characters actually become friends. You want to read to the end, enjoying every conversation and adventure, but knowing you will mourn the loss of the friends you have taken to heart at the end. I loved the story and the characters that became close friends, just hated for the story to end.” — 5 star review on Amazon

“A good book is one you hate to put down and hate when you finish. Any fan of fantasy would enjoy this read. Teens to adults and even seniors wth good imagination will spend hours devouring these books.” — 5 star review on Amazon

“This is the writing that we search for when looking for a fantasy novel. It grabs you up quick and keeps you interested in reading. I hope she continues writing books like this series, as I am already one of her biggest fans.” — 5 star review on Amazon

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Of Gods & Mortals

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In Whom the Gods Love, Cass begins her adventure with what, at first, seems like a simple request. She and her party of fellow travelers soon learn nothing is as easy as it sounds. With Gunnarr at her side, Cass will battle creatures big and even bigger in the opening tale of the trilogy.

In Whom the Gods Hate, the tale picks up with the travelers separated and searching for each other. Cass’ memory of her past is gone, and she’ll lose far more than that if Gunnarr and company don’t find her before a vengeful god does.

In Whom the Gods Fear, Cass and Gunnarr face their toughest challenge yet, a war between the gods old and new. With the world of Tanavia close to becoming a casualty of war, Cass and her daring friends must find a way to stop the destruction before there is nothing to save.

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