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How I Write Fantasy

Continuing with the series on writing I started on Science Fiction, I’m going to write about why I enjoy writing fantasy even if I’m not as excited to read it sometimes. I may do a companion piece about how I pick what I pick next. To be decided! While fantasy wasn’t my preferred genre growing […] More...
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When Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god.
Cass escaped the inescapable. But now she can't remember anything. And there's that pesky cave troll to worry about, too.
Cass has her memories back and she's reunited with Gunnarr and her friends. Just in time for a devastating war waged by the gods.
A companion encyclopedia for the Of Gods & Mortals series
He harnessed a magic so deadly, it may cost him his life.
Being a mage isn't a blessing. It's a curse.
To save a magical world, a hero must rise.
A 700 year voyage. 13 ships. 2 years from arrival. One shall fall.
12 ships. 2 Tyrants. One shall fail.
When honor and duty collide, sacrifice is mandatory.
The synths took everything. Even our dreams.
The night is hungry
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I’ve been storying ever since I can remember. Storying is what I called it when I was eight and I’m determined to stay in that mindset because when you’re eight, everything is more entertaining. All I need to remember that is to listen to my nephew describe the rock he found.

I’m an adult now, though, so I write these stories down. I’ve gone back and forth on the whys of what I do. Do I want fame? Do I want fortune? Do I want to learn all the specifics of the indie publishing market and then spend half my days looking at statistics for two side-by-side ads, one with a dog, one with a cat, to determine what species is more marketable? (They’re both equally marketable, just one really wants to be your friend pleasepleaseplease and the other can’t stop showing you its butt.)

After thinking about it, I’ve decided my core philosophy is: I want to share what I do with others. And maybe make a living off of it. I love telling stories more than anything. When I sit in front of the computer, I can disappear for days inside my head. I might have limited ability to change the world outside, something an eight year old isn’t quite cognizant of yet, but in my head everything happens the way I want it to. Heroes exist. Good guys prevail. Magic happens. It’s the perfect place for me. To my eternal gratitude, it’s also the perfect place for some of you, as well. The delight readers share with me is fuel for whatever it is in my brain that makes all that happen. It burns brightest in those moments. That’s why I do this.

I’ve been publishing books and connecting with readers for almost ten years now. I may not be a bestseller (yet?) but I’m going to do my best never to let my fans down. I’m going to continue to write for as long as I am able. I hope you’ll join me in my next adventure! They’re a lot of fun, says me – a completely unbiased source.

M.M. Perry

P.S. I’ve been informed that I am neglectful and am obligated to say my real favorite thing is my dog (I’m allowed to also say my cats, but they have to come second or my dog pouts). Here she is, looking disgusted.

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