Molly’s Tale

Molly’s Tale is set in the world of The Arbiter and is available exclusively to members of my newsletter. Click the button below to sign up and get your copy of Molly’s Tale for free! To read more about Molly’s tale, scroll down.

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Molly’s Tale

Molly was a normal girl. Until she wasn’t.

Molly’s life was simple. She wanted to have fun with her friends. She wanted to do right by her parents. She wanted to catch the eye of a handsome young man. She was on track to do everything in life she wanted, and more, until disaster struck.

In a world where mages are bred for destruction and kept as slaves, no one wants magical powers. Unfortunately, ability is something you’re born with, not something you choose.

Molly’s Tale is a story set in the world of The Arbiter, preceding the events of that novel.

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