The 13

“The tale was a thought provoking examination of how human society might change when isolated inside giant colony ships for seven centuries. Here was also some of the best military SF that I have read in years. The scope of the story reminded me of the novels by A.C. Clarke and Ben Bova.” — 5 star review on Amazon

“A excellent story filled with very human characters. Not doom and gloom, but a lively active plot. A complete story with an ending that makes you wanting more. Read this one! ” — 5 star review on Amazon

“I really fell in love with this book. I’m very happy to write a review for it because I think it’s amazing.” — 5 star review on Amazon

The 13 is the start of the Mission’s End series. Pick up your copy today from your favorite retailer!

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The 13

How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Naomi isn’t allowed to feel too happy. Or sad. Or angry. She isn’t allowed to love, or hate. Those are the rules. She’s seen what happens when those rules are broken.

Naomi doesn’t care. Her friend’s lives are in danger. Naomi is about to break all the rules.

Almost 700 years ago, a fleet of colony ships was sent out from Earth. As their journey progressed, they grew apart, isolating themselves from each other as their societies began to change. Each ship developed their own internal structures, each their own way of keeping the peace, each, their own rules.

As the ships approach Mission’s End, they begin to reach out to each other after years of silence. They soon find out how different they’ve all become, and how deadly those differences can be.

This is the story of the Magellan and the Tereshkova, sister ships in the fleet, and how the things that make them different, and those that make them the same, change Naomi’s life forever.

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